Karpenisiotis Stathis is a clinical psychologist-group and family psychotherapist, and member of the Hellenic Society of Group Analytic and Family Therapy. He has long working experience in areas of mental health and special education. He has been working as a psychologist since 2003 in the context of special education (primary, and secondary education), since 2007 he has been providing services of individual and group psychotherapy, supervision and experiential seminars in the context of his cooperation with the office Mr Th. He has collaborated with the Society of Social Psychiatry in its structures, with the PSY.P.S.A. group. (Psychiatric Care at the Patient's Home) as well as special education frameworks, boarding schools, mental health service centers, psychosocial support program implementation centres, etc. He then founded "action care". Inspired, designed and implemented with a team of partners the innovative service "Structured Everyday Support», is a pioneering service that provides a personal assistant service to facilitate people with disabilities and their families as well as anyone who needs structured support to cope with challenges of his everyday life. "DOM.Y." supports an inclusive daily life for all without compromise. He is one of the founders of Act For Care NGO which is a continuation of action care and among its main purposes is the dissemination and implementation of the idea of a society with equal access for all.

Alevizou Themis is a Psychologist - Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist and trained EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist. At the same time, he has attended seminars and training on issues of special education, disability and issues of equality and inclusion of people with disabilities in society. Since 2018, she has been working in private and public mental health institutions, in Support Centers for children and people with disabilities and their parents/caregivers. She has been working with "action care" since 2019 where she provided the service of Personal assistant to people with disabilities, and later as a Training Program Manager. Now, he also collaborates with Act For Care NGO, as an active member in the implementation of actions to raise awareness of society in matters of equality and also in matters of disability.

Charis Kottis started his professional career with a degree in Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Hertfordshire in London. He specializes in the analysis of business plans for small and medium enterprises. With his main role, guidance, sales, financing and business management, he has been an executive in Multinational Companies and Organizations and is a senior startupper and mentor to younger people.

In recent years, and through his role as a father, he has been and continues to be involved with public affairs, having served as President of the Board of Parents and the Association of Parents with his main goal of improving the educational conditions of children and the development of the school environment at the local level.

His great desire is to offer to the community, and through the services of the ACTFORCARE organization, to offer a pleasant daily life for everyone, without exclusion.

Archimandrite Apostolos Kavaliotis - Honorary member of our organization.


Archimandrite Apostolos Kavaliotis was born in 1965 in Eleftheroupoli, Kavala. He studied at the Theological School and the Department of Primary Education of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He served his military service as a Sergeant (PO). He was a Gold and Silver Champion in swimming in backstroke. He is a Dr. and holds a post-doctoral at the Department of Primary Education, Department of Special Pedagogy and Psychology of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

He holds masters:

1) in Special Education at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in autism and mental retardation,

2) in Design of Educational Units at the University of the Aegean, specialising in gender equality and

3) in Language and Literature at the Democritus University of Thrace, specialising in the Black Sea countries.

He attended Ecclesiastical Law at the Vatican with a scholarship from Metropolitan Prokopios of Philippi of Neapolis and Thassos. He specialized in autism at Harvard University U.S.A. and pain management at New York University. He served in education for 28 years, 7 of which as a School Counselor for Special Education in Ann. Mak. Thrace, Serres, North and South Aegean.

In 2007 he was invited by the state of Texas to contribute to the electronic dissemination of knowledge about autism and in the summer of 2013, 2014 and 2015 he was invited by the University of Cambridge, as a researcher in an International Program on Autism. A UN volunteer for 30 years, he took part in many humanitarian missions in third-world countries, including India near Mother Teresa (1984-1987). The Government of India gave him the title of "Citizen of Love".

He pioneered the fight against child prostitution in Greece and abroad (1990-1994), and the abolition of bombs in Yugoslavia (1993), as a member of Princess Diana's team.

He participated as a volunteer in the struggles against racial discrimination in Johannesburg (summer 1992 for two months). For his multifaceted humanitarian work, he was honoured with an award by the Academy of Athens in December 2007. In 2010 he was proclaimed by the President of Special Olympics Hellas Mrs. Yianna Despotopoulou "Herald of Volunteerism" of Special Olympics in Greece. In 2011 and 2012 he was honored by the President of Special Olympics Dr. Shriver-Kennedy for the mobilization of Greek citizens and in 2013 and 2014 by the President of SO HELLAS Yianna Despotopoulou.In March 2014 he was honoured by the Mayor of Pangaio – Eleftheroupoli Mr V. Xoulogis and the Mayor of Kavala Mr. K. Simitsis for his social, humanitarian, scientific and literary work. There was: a) If. President of the Hospital for Chronic Diseases of the Prefecture of Kavala, b) member of the Committee of Wise Men of the Ministry of Labour on immigration policy, c) for many years member of Education Committees of the Prefecture of Kavala, d) President of European Programs and committees of the Ministry of Education and the Regional Directorates of East. Mak.

He is a) a member of the IAC UNESCO International Consultative Board, b) of the Board of Directors of the ECA of Alexandroupolis, c) vice-president of the Society for the Protection of Minors of the Court of Appeal of Thrace, d) member of the research committee of the Institute of International, Economic and Social Studies (I.S.G.E.S.I. – Rome) and e) member of the Board of Directors of SO Hellas. As an HAU School Advisor through the HAU Directorate of the Ministry of Education, he established Special Primary Schools, Special Kindergartens and Special Vocational Education Laboratories throughout Greece. In July 2014, the World Health Organization made a special mention, as the best worldwide, for the research on breastfeeding of Dr. On November 5, 2014, he was among the 50 personalities from around the world received by the Pope at the Vatican and on November 8. The Vatican-based Giuseppe Scacca International Awards awarded him the 1st World Prize for Pedagogical Science for his research on autism, Down syndrome and breastfeeding. On 16/1/2015 the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Karolos Papoulias decorated him with the Gold Cross of the Order of Honor, which is the highest distinction of the Hellenic Republic. In January 2015 the Hellenic Red Cross awarded him for his work with the title "Where There Are People". In October 2015, the Municipality of Thassos unanimously declared him an honorary citizen of Thassos for his global scientific, research, writing, social and charitable work. He received enormous benefaction from his spiritual father, shipowner Frixos Vas. Papachristidis and his son Vasilis F. Papachristidis, are also his spiritual family. He serves in the Holy Metropolis of Alexandroupolis and teaches voluntarily in its Scientific Training Program and the Scientific Training Program of the Holy Metropolis of Maroneia and Komotini, Xanthi and Peritheoriou and the Chamber of Commerce of Evros "Special Education and Education": Autism, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia and Bulling, educating until May 2015, 5000 people. In October 2015 he participated and led a campaign to inform Greek and European citizens about child sexual abuse, pedophilia and pedophilia. His works: • "Frixos Vas. Papachristidis, a Great Greek" (2007), • "Strategies for the Support and Teaching of Children on the autism spectrum", (2009), • "DOWN syndrome in Society and the educational community, detections and management methods" (2010), • "Dyslexia and Education: Approaches and coping techniques" (2010), • "The Female School Counselor in Primary Education" (2011), "The female gender and professional employment in Muslim societies of the Rhodope Prefecture" (2012), • "Asperger syndrome, history of research, symptomatology, prospects of transcendence (2013), • "The bilateral Ecumenical dialogue between Orthodox and Roman Catholics under the reality of the difficulties of the Unia and the Primacy" (2014).